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Exclusive Payment Solutions

When you build a new sports or fitness facility, you have goals in mind. It could be increasing membership, attracting more spectators, generating additional revenue, or it could simply be creating a tight-knit community or fellowship through sports. With Tarkett Sports’ exclusive financing program, there is no need to wait to make your dream become a reality. Start realizing the benefits of a brand-new athletic floor today.

Through a partnership with PNC Sports Finance, a business unit of PNC Equipment Finance, LLC, Tarkett Sports now offers payment solutions customized to your specific budget requirements. Financing is available for qualified customers including public, private, and non-profit organizations. Financing is also available for purchases made through the Smart Buy program, which includes cooperative purchasing agencies such as AEPA, TCPN, Buy Board, NJPA, and KPN. With low, fixed-rate financing, installing your new court might be easier than you think.

  • Stay Within Your Budget: Spread the costs over customized periodic payments that match the timing of your budget.
  • Start Seeing Results Now: Financing allows the athletic surface to generate savings and/or revenue while payments are made.
  • Take Advantage of Customized Solutions: Choose an option that fits, including municipal solutions that meet appropriation requirements.
  • Get Great Rates with Fast and Easy Approval Process: Finance your athletic surfaces quickly, easily, and with highly competitive rates.
  • Save Funds for Other Needs: Stretch total project budgets that incorporate design, construction, and other costs.
  • Preserve Bank Credit Lines: Financing will not affect your bank credit line, saving credit for needs such as working capital.

Financing Illustration

This is an example of a cash purchase vs. a 60-month “$1.00 buyout” lease term (applicable sales & use taxes not included). This example is for informational purposes only. Please consult your PNC Sports Finance specialist for more information. Other terms available include quarterly or annual payments. Rates and payments for public schools and tax-exempt municipalities may be lower.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is financing better than a cash purchase?
Financing allows you to stay within your budget structure through a customized payment plan, while you realize the return on investment from your new surface immediately. It also conserves your budget for other needs and preserves your bank credit line for working capital.

How long does approval take?
In most cases, approval takes 2 business days or less.

What happens after I decide to finance?
Your selected court surface for flooring will be installed in the same way as a cash purchase.

Do taxes apply?
Yes, all applicable taxes will be paid as if a cash transaction had occurred. However, taxes can be easily included in your payments. Organizations with a tax-exempt certificate (sales or use tax) should present a copy to PNC.

Is my payment tax deductible?
Some lease structures may be tax deductible. However, it is encouraged that you consult your tax advisor for guidance.

Am I required to provide insurance?
Yes, you must provide evidence of insurance coverage and name PNC Equipment Finance on the policy as an additional insured and loss payee in case of loss.

Can I pay off my lease early?
Yes. Your payoff amount includes the sum of your remaining payments plus any accrued late charges and any purchase option.

How it Works

  1. Receive your payment quote and fill out an application. Financials may be required.
  2. Upon approval, PNC Equipment Finance will prepare documents for your review and signature.
  3. You endorse the documents, return them to PNC, and PNC issues a purchase order for the floor.
  4. Your floor is delivered and installed, while PNC confirms acceptance and funds the project.


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Tarkett Sports

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