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Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – February 2016

Volume 5, Issue 5

If you had to rebuild your sports facility, what would you do differently? This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly offers the perspective of two athletic professionals on rebuilding the Joplin High School gym.


Keeping a Tradition of Excellence

When the Tarkett company began in 1886, hardwoods were a big part of the flooring it provided. Today, Tarkett Sports continues that tradition by provided ClutchCourt MFMA northern hard maple sports systems. With the option of FSC chain of custody certification, a PUR Compliant Performance system, and Tarkett’s innovative design principles, ClutchCourt represents competitive basketball flooring at its best. Visit to learn more or download a brochure.

Surface Friction Illustration

Rebuilding Better than Before

The city of Joplin, Missouri was fundamentally changed in 2011 by a devastating EF5 tornado. Among the devastation was Joplin High School, which was damaged beyond repair. In the aftermath, one optimistic individual used the remaining letters on the sign outside the school to spell out “Hope” High School. This optimistic spirit and the resiliency of the Joplin community led to the rebuilding of the school with the mind to make it better than before. To accomplish this, Joplin High School utilized Tarkett Sports athletic surfaces, including an auxiliary gym with Omnisports multi-use sports flooring and a weight room using Tarkett Sports’ Droptile rubber flooring. Listen to Joplin Athletic Director Jeff Starkweather and Coach Mike Lawrence describe their experiences using Tarkett Sports surfaces in the demanding high school athletic environment.

Put Your Dream into Motion with Tarkett Sports Financial

When you set out to build your dream court, fitness club, or family life center, the biggest challenge to your ideal sports surface is almost always budget. Depending on how your budget is structured, it can cause you to compromise what you really want or sacrifice other parts of the facility. If your sports surface will be a source of revenue, a large initial expenditure will almost always create a negative cash flow. However, Tarkett Sports now offers a path around this obstacle.

Tarkett Sports now provides an exclusive financing program that can help you avoid the usual budget acrobatics. Administered by PNC Sports Equipment, Tarkett Sports Financial offers custom payment options and low interest rates, but most importantly, it provides the ability to get the Tarkett Sports floor you want and start realizing your investment right away. For more information, visit the Tarkett Sports Financial page at or contact Terri Ranels at 706-383-5821 or

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