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Indoor Sports Flooring Monthly – November 2015

Volume 5, Issue 2

It’s rare to have the opportunity to turn a problem into an advantage. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly shows how Lumaflex can do just that in renovations with recessed concrete slabs.

Sustainability at Tarkett

A Four-Part Model for Sustainability

As a global organization focused on sustainability, Tarkett has a systematic way of evaluating its actions and its products. It does this by dividing operations into four categories, which account for different goals: good materials, resource stewardship, people-friendly spaces, and reuse/recycle. To learn more about Tarkett’s commitment to sustainability, visit the environmental responsibility page at

Recessed Concrete Slab

Is Your Gym a Candidate for Lumaflex?

In competitive chess, when a player makes a move that gains momentum, it is sometimes called “with tempo.” That means the move does more than just neutralize the problem at hand; it creates an advantage at the same time.

Tarkett Sports’ Lumaflex allows you to solve the problem of a recessed concrete slab “with tempo.” Instead of filling the gap or replacing the floor with another high-maintenance hardwood court, you can gain comfort, uniformity, and functionality. As a combi-elastic system, Lumaflex is the pinnacle of sports performance and it can adapt to meet the profile requirements of most existing hardwood systems. It also has the benefit of an easy-to-clean, durable resilient surface that can turn your gym into a multi-use space with ease. There is no need to take a step backward, or even sideways, with your renovation. With Lumaflex, you can get out of a jam and adopt the future of athletic flooring in the same move.

Tarkett Joins Global Business Coalition for Climate Change Action

Tarkett has a long history of being at the forefront of environmental progress. For example, it began recycling PVC in 1957, well before it was common to do so. That tradition of environmental leadership continued this November as Tarkett joined 77 other multinational companies formally calling for concrete action on climate change at the COP 21 meeting in Paris. CEO, Michel Giannuzzi, summarized Tarkett’s position as follows:

“Our whole vision is geared to drawing on innovation and human ingenuity to transform our business towards a collaborative circular economy model, positively impacting people, planet and profits, and for this reason, we had no hesitation in supporting this vital climate change initiative, as we believe that a long-term commitment, extending beyond COP 21, is required to tackle these issues. Smart businesses of the future will have to reduce their carbon footprint, one of the key goals of the circular economy. In this way, we can innovate and drive economic growth that is both profitable and fully sustainable.”

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