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Indoor Sports Monthly – December 2016

Volume 6, Issue 3

A successful gym is a busy gym. This issue of Indoor Sports Monthly discusses how to maximize the usage of your athletic facility through versatile athletic flooring and get the most out of your investment.

Phthalate Free Technology

Phthalate-Free Technology

In the past year, big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes have taken the prudent step of phasing out flooring that contains phthalates. A phthalate is a compound used in the production of some flooring products that is now known to cause adverse health effects. Since Omnisports™ is already manufactured with phthalate-free technology, Tarkett is again ahead of the curve in terms of health and the environment. Even the health standards that apply to food containers and children’s toys can be applied to Omnisports™ athletic flooring. To learn more visit

Versatility Pie Chart

How Versatile is Your Gym?

There are some gymnasiums where everyone leaves after the basketball game, the lights go out, and no one steps onto the court for days. From game to game, the largest single space on campus is dark and silent. Why? In some cases, schools are afraid to use the court for something other than competitive basketball or it simply takes too much transition time to set up for other sports and events.

If you are designing an athletic facility, the scenario above is not ideal. To make the most of your investment, you want the gym to be used and used often. A premium hardwood court is a beautiful playing surface, but it can engender excessive caution and requires more upkeep. A resilient floor, particularly Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports™, is a popular alternative. Omnisports™ offers competition-level sports performance, a wood grain appearance, and it transitions between events faster. With Omnisports™, you can go from a basketball game to a science fair in record time. Without a doubt, more usage means money well spent. Contact a Tarkett Sports representative and start maximizing your athletic space.

Don’t Overlook Uniformity

BasketballWithin the sports flooring industry, there is a lot of emphasis on shock absorption values. This focus is not misplaced. Shock absorption (aka “force reduction”) is an important factor in sports performance outlined in ASTM F2772. It helps protect athletes from stress related injuries such as shin splints. It minimizes fatigue. It also creates comfort that can lead to better game play and practice.

However, one aspect of shock absorption that is often overlooked is uniformity. Uniformity is just as important to overall sports performance as the individual testing values. A floor must perform similarly in every area of the court. If not, the inconsistent performance can be frustrating to athletes and in some cases even dangerous. ASTM F2772 outlines strict uniformity requirements for all sports criteria. Learn more at

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