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Indoor Sports Monthly – January 2017

Volume 6, Issue 4

Ordinary schools are extraordinary buildings. To manage the daily routine of an average educational environment, it takes careful planning and exceptional building materials. Floors can make a huge difference.

Tarkett at World Economic Forum

From January 17 through 20, Tarkett CEO Michel Giannuzzi attended the World Economic Forum in Davos. Participating in the round table discussion on the future of construction, Mr. Giannuzzi spoke about the challenges of climate change, the need for a collaborative circular economy, and the increase in urbanization. “In an uncertain and rapidly evolving world, it is crucial for us to share and uphold our values and our long-term vision of sustainable and responsible growth in our day-to-day activities,” said Mr. Giannuzzi at the forum. To read more about Tarkett’s role in the World Economic Forum, visit

Versatility Pie Chart

Ordinary Schools, Extraordinary Floors

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the detailed planning and extraordinary building materials that go into an educational facility. Given the typical daily routine, it is remarkable that schools hold up as well as they do. It is a testament to smart design and durable finishes. For instance, when Jimenez Elementary School needed a new athletic floor, the school had to consider the fact that it serves two meals daily in the gym, in addition to sports, assemblies, graduation, and other events. A typical floor would not last long under those circumstances, so the school had to select the floor carefully. It chose Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports™, which is ideal for this sort of use. With Omnisports™, the gym floor has sports performance properties for athletics and cleans easily for meal service. Without it, the daily routine at Jimenez Elementary would be all the more difficult. In this case, the hallmark of great flooring is how little it is noticed amid the clamor of an ordinary school day. Visit to learn more about Omnisports™ or contact a local representative.


Is All That Glue Really Necessary?

Myth: To be successful, all synthetic sports floors must be completely adhered to concrete.

Reality: When used properly, installation methods such as Tarkett Sports’ GreenLay™ are just as secure as full glue installations and use 98% less adhesive. There are plenty of reasons to use GreenLay™ too. First, job site waste can be drastically reduced by using less adhesive. Another environmental advantage is that GreenLay™ facilitates end-of-life recycling by making the floor easier to remove and reducing adhesive contamination. This method also allows practical benefits like faster installation, higher moisture tolerances, and potential access to the subfloor without damaging the surface. The truth is that GreenLay™ has equal integrity to a full adhesive installation with a lot of benefits to gain. It represents the future of environmentally responsible sports flooring. To learn more about GreenLay™ and how it works visit or contact a local representative.

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