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Indoor Sports Monthly – March 2017

Volume 6, Issue 6

Not all gymnasiums are dedicated to just sports. When heavier equipment on a court is unavoidable, there is a new flooring solution that just might change the game forever. Omnisports™ HPL provides the look and feel of traditional athletic flooring with high static load tolerance.

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Tempe Schools Case Study

How Omnisports™ HPL can Make You a Heavy Equipment Hero

Almost all gyms host activities other than sports. For some, this includes heavy equipment, like portable stages, pianos, scissor lifts, and even an occasional vehicle. Design professionals usually “bite the bullet” and specify a surface that doesn’t really look like a traditional sports floor, but handles the extra loads. Those types of floors typically result in a more aggressive cleaning regime, because they can trap and show dirt more easily.

Now there is an alternative that is becoming more and more popular. It keeps the traditional look of hardwoods while allowing heavier rolling and static loads. It’s called Omnisports™ HPL. It can be used as a border around a regular Omnisports™ court, like the Student Recreation Center at Rider University. This allows easier transport of heavy equipment around the edges of the gym while maintaining higher shock absorption on the playing surface. Omnisports™ HPL can also be used over the entire gym, like the Tempe School District in Arizona, which used HPL in its middle schools. This allowed the schools to maintain their established use of heavy equipment and still have the look and feel of a traditional basketball court, with Class 1 shock absorption per ASTM F2772. On your next project, consider Omnisports™ HPL when your client expects heavy equipment use. When they see the court and realize how easy it is to clean, they will thank you.

Planning for Proper Surface Friction

EntrywaySurface friction is a critical property for safe sport flooring performance, but making sure a floor passes the ASTM F2772 standard is only the first step. After installation, dirt and dust can affect the friction on the court by reducing contact between the player and the surface. Regular maintenance is essential for preventing this scenario. However, there are design considerations that can help too. An abrasive carpet or walk-off flooring at gym entrances can reduce the amount of debris that ends up on the court. Keep in mind that the longer the entryway, the more effective it will be at removing dirt. Surface friction on an athletic surface is not something to take lightly.

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