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Indoor Sports Monthly – November 2016

Volume 6, Issue 2

Selecting the right sports floor is important, but there are still other factors in a successful project, such as funding and the ability to work with an existing budget. Here we explore ways to get started and finish strong.

Warranty Coverage

The Industry’s Leading Warranty Coverage

When selecting a sports floor, warranties should not to be overlooked. They can give you an idea of the confidence a manufacturer has in its product, but more importantly, they can offer peace of mind. After installing a new athletic surface, you shouldn’t worry about losing your investment. Tarkett Sports has some of the strongest warranty protection in terms of duration and conditions. For example, Omnisports™ has 15-year product and wear coverage with a 10-year moisture warranty. Learn more by contacting a Tarkett Sports Representative or visiting


Is Funding Holding You Back?

Building or renovating a new gym can be full of obstacles, but the one that comes up more often than not is funding. Sometimes the structure of an existing budget doesn’t allow an initial expense. For instance, you might have $50,000 allocated per year, but a new court will cost $110,000. Then there is “the chicken or the egg” problem. A new gymnasium will bring more revenue to your athletics program, but in order to the get the gym, you need more revenue first.

These are just a few of the hurdles that Tarkett Sports Financial can help overcome. Through a partnership with PNC Equipment Finance, Tarkett Sports provides quick and easy financing for your new court. With Tarkett Sports Financial, you could have an annual budget surplus instead of a large deficit. Instead of being stuck at the starting line, you could be up and running with a steady cash flow. Don’t let initial funding get in the way of making your vision a reality. Contact a Tarkett Sports representative for more details or visit

Smart Buy

Cross the Goal Line with Smart Buy

When it comes to purchasing an new basketball court, running track, or football field, it pays to be smart. Such a big decision requires weighing the pros and cons of different materials, manufacturers, and other important factors. But like any good coach will tell you, your job isn’t finished until you cross the goal line. After all that effort to determine the best surface for your project, why risk the uncertainty of a traditional bidding process that could prolong or even derail your project? Cooperative purchasing can be an alternative that simplifies the process and allows you to carry your plan through to the end.

Smart Buy is a cooperative purchasing program including agencies such as NJPA, KPN, Buy Board, AEPA, and TCPN. It allows you to purchase athletic surfaces from Tarkett Sports, Beynon Sports Surfaces, and FieldTurf on previously bid contracts with preferred pricing. Smart Buy can keep your project on schedule and on budget without compromising the products you have so carefully selected. If you are interested in learning more, contact a Tarkett Sports representative or download a brochure at

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