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Lumaflex Fit

Lumaflex Fit is a Class 5, high performing fitness and aerobics flooring solution that provides an unparalleled combination of deformation, performance, safety and comfort. By adding an area-elastic birch plywood sub-system to a point-elastic surface, Lumaflex Fit brings fitness to another level.

Features Benefits Colors & Options

Lumaflex FitLumaflex Fit is the pinnacle of fitness, and aerobics performance. The floor provides a high level of shock absorption, averaging 74% per ASTM F2569. More importantly, Lumaflex Fit provides high-end fitness and aerobics performance. 

  1. Resilient Point-Elastic Surface: Lumaflex Fit can be used with a variety of Tarkett Sports’ gym flooring options, including Omnisports and Dancelfoor.
  2. Lumaflex Pro 1 Pads: Lumaflex Fit uses Tarkett Sports’ Pro 1 Pads that are round, 1” thick cushion pads. The force Reduction reaches >70%.
  3. Uniform Structural Support: These 18 mm birch plywood planks provide stability and a uniform structure for resilient sports surfaces. They are made exclusively from birch, one of the most stable species of wood.
  4. Reliable Bonding and Assembly: Each birch plywood plank incorporates an offset, interlocking tongue-and-groove edge that is glued using Tarkett’s specifically designed application nozzle. This allows fast and reliable installation.
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  • Simplified Maintenance: Because hardwood maple is porous and naturally absorbs and releases moisture, it demands an additional measure of care. When choosing Omnisports with Lumaflex Fit, it’s quite the opposite.
  • Multi-Purpose Advantage: Your hybrid floor is more than a high performance surface; it is also a multipurpose floor with unlimited possibilities and benefits. There’s no need for a floor cover because a Lumaflex Fit – combined with an Omnisports surface – is extremely durable.
  • The Perfect Combination: Lumaflex Fit combines point-elastic surface properties with an area-elastic substructure. This gives fitness and aerobic activities significantly more comfort thanks to great vertical deformation and cushioning than they would experience with a basic area-elastic hardwood floor. By engaging both types of elasticity, Lumaflex Fit responds to impact both locally and across the wider surface area. As a result of this dual response, it is widely regarded as one of the best sports floors for comfort, safety, and sports performance.
  • Surface Layer Options: Omnisports
  • Extreme Durability, Comfort and Performance: The 18 mm plywood planks are made exclusively from birch, an extremely stable species of wood that provides a uniform structure for resilient sports surfaces. Lumaflex Fit is ASTM F2772 Class 5 certified, offering very high levels of shock absorption and more uniformity. It is one of the best solutions for reducing fatigue and increasing comfort
  • Tarkett Sports Warranty Protection: Depending on the point-elastic surface, Lumaflex Fit provides the best warranties in the game. 



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Game Line Standard Colors

BlueYellowOrangeAviation Bright Red

Game Line Custom Colors

GreyYellowOrangeAviation Bright Red
Medium GreyLight BluePurpleMaroon
Bright Yellow
  • Other Custom Colors available. Contact your Regional Sales Manager

Installation Options

  • Foam Underlayment Options: Omnisports with Lumaflex Fit uses Tarkett Sports’ Pro 1 Pads that are round, 1” thick cushion pads. The force Reduction reaches >70%.