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Omnisports 3.5 mm

Omnisports 3.5 mm is a multi-use gym flooring option with Class 1 shock absorption that meets all the criteria for ball rebound, surface finish effect, and vertical deformation in the newly updated ASTM F2772 standard. Omnisports 3.5 mm can be used for many sports activities, but it is primarily used as a surface for badminton, table tennis, or light recreation. In addition, it can accommodate non-sporting events with tables and chairs without the need for protective floor covering.

Features Benefits Colors & Options

Omnisports Diagram Omnisports 3.5 mm is a heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, meaning that it consists of multiple layers. Each layer or coating has unique function, such as increasing dimensional stability, reducing maintenance, increasing longevity, or providing sports performance and shock absorption. When these layers are combined using Tarkett’s virtually tension-free manufacturing process, the result is the ideal multi-use sports floor.

1 – Performance Protection: On the surface of each Omnisports floor is a photoreticulated polyurethane treatment with durable micro-particles that provides: easy maintenance with no stripping, protection against scratches, sole marks, rubber stains, and optimal surface friction for safety.

2 – Wear Resistance: Omnisports contains a pigmented wear layer made from pure PVC that carries a 15-year warranty.

3 – Dimensional Stability: A compact PVC layer with embedded non-woven fiberglass gives Omnisports superior dimensional stability.

4 – Structural Reinforcement: Combined with the PVC layer above, this vinyl layer forms the unique Strain-Splitting Core that is responsible for the Omnisports’ excellent indentation recovery and dimensional stability.

5 – Shock Absorbing Acoustic Foam: This foam layer has an extremely dense cellular structure, providing unrivaled acoustic performance, ideal shock absorption, and natural ball bounce levels.

6 – Perfect Adhesion: The backing of Omnisports is an engineered honeycomb texture for perfect adhesion to the subfloor.

  FloorScore® Certification Logo Phthalate-Free Technology
  • Superior Sports Performance: Omnisports 3.5 mm is constructed for sports performance. It has Class 1 shock absorption and meets all the requirements of ball rebound, vertical deformation, and surface finish effect outlined in the ASTM F2772 standard.
  • Consistent Surface Texture: Unlike some other vinyl flooring, Omnisports has the same embossed surface on both wood grain patterns and solid colors. This means consistent playability and the freedom to incorporate wood patterns with solid colors.
  • Easy maintenance: The embossed surface of Omnisports is designed to provide texture without creating areas which trap dirt, reducing the need for cleaning and saving maintenance costs.
  • Fast Indentation Recovery: Any sports floor with significant shock absorption deforms at the surface under the impact of weight. This is usually noticeable when the weight is localized, like a chair or table leg. Omnisports unique structure allows it to recover faster than other vinyl flooring.
  • Fewer seams: With a standard roll length of 75 feet, Omnisports offers fewer cross-seams that competing sports vinyl flooring.
  • Phthalate-Free Manufacturing: Omnisports is one of the only resilient sports surfaces to be manufactured with phthalate-free technology. The components used to produce Omnisports are the same materials approved for food containers and children’s toys that can be placed in the mouth.
  • Healthier Indoor Air Quality: Omnisports 3.5 mm is FloorScore® certified by SCS Global Services. This certification indicate exceptionally low VOC emissions.
  • Comprehensive Warranty Protection:  Omnisports is backed by a 15-year product and wear warranty plus a 15-year warranty for moisture tolerance, representing the highest level of coverage in the industry.
  • ITTF Approved: Omnisports 3.5 mm is an approved floor for competitive table tennis and is certified by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).


Golden Maple Classic Oak Beech Royal Blue Sky Blue Teal
Maple Classic Oak Beech Royal Blue Sky Blue Teal
Red Orange Yellow Black Grey Forest Green
Red Orange Yellow Black Grey Forest Green
  • Other Custom Colors available. Contact your Regional Sales Manager

Game Line Standard Colors

BlueYellowOrangeAviation Bright Red

Game Line Custom Colors

GreyYellowOrangeAviation Bright Red
Medium GreyLight BluePurpleMaroon
Bright Yellow
  • Other Custom Colors available. Contact your Regional Sales Manager

Installation Options

  • Multi-Poxy Adhesive: If a full adhesive installation is required, Omnisports 3.5 mm can be installed using Tarkett Sports' solvent-free Multi-Poxy adhesive.  Multi-Poxy is not only safer for the health of installers, it has a high resistance to moisture and superior bond strength.
  • Multi-Set Adhesive: For situations where moisture conditions are less of a concern, Omnisports 3.5 mm can be installed with Tarkett Sports' Multi-Set Adhesive.
  • HS Sports Spray: For a quick and easy installation that can tolerate up to 90% RH per ASTM F2170, Omnisports 3.5 mm can be installed using Tarkett Sports' solvent-free HS Sports Spray.
  • Tarkolay: If conditions require a moisture barrier, Omnisports 3.5 mm can be installed with Tarkett Sports' Tarkolay.  This system requires no moisture testing.

Omnisports Installation Methods

Omnisports is a versatile sports surface, but that versatility goes beyond the number of sports and events it can host. It also has a variety of installation methods that can apply to the particular circumstances of your facility and carries a 10-year warranty for moisture tolerance based on each...