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ClutchCourt Maintenance Guide

ClutchCourt maple sports flooring should be maintained in compliance with Tarkett Sports’ recommendations. In order to ensure consistent performance and guaranteed durability, proper atmospheric conditions must be maintained within the building at all times. To achieve this, areas with wood flooring must be adequately ventilated with natural or mechanical air circulation. Temperature and humidity controls must be fully functional and constantly maintained as required in the area of installation. For all non-sporting events, Tarkett Sports recommends the use of a wood flooring protection system. Contact your Tarkett Sports representative for more information about wood flooring protection.

General Guidelines

  • In order to avoid unnecessary staining, wipe any spillage from the surface immediately with a soft absorbent cloth.
  • Shoe marks should be removed with an approved floor cleaner. To reduce the incidence of shoe marks, only non-marking footwear should be permitted on the playing surface.
  • To remove traces of gum or tar, place an ice pack directly on the substance. Once frozen, use a plastic putty knife to gently scrape it away. Afterward, wipe down the affected area with a smooth, dry cloth.
  • Dirt, dust, and debris reduce the performance of a hardwood floor. Sweeping your floor everyday with a recommended dust mop and floor cleaner will help to preserve proper surface friction and performance.
  • Entrance and walkway mats offer extra protection against the build-up of dirt and dust from foot traffic. Keep mats clean by vacuuming weekly.
  • The hardwood floor should be cleaned and treated with approved flooring cleaner every month.
  • At least once a year, your hardwood maple floor should be screened and re-coated with an approved sports floor finish. Prior to the application of finish, the floor must be properly abraded and tack-cleaned.
  • Before using any type of finish or maintenance product, contact a Tarkett Sports representative.
  • Never block or obstruct any of the expansion joints that are located around the perimeter of the floor.
  • Should you decide to use a bleacher system, first cut away the wood located at the lag bases and make the necessary provisions for the expansion of the hardwood flooring system.

Any questions about the installation, maintenance, or refinishing of ClutchCourt maple sports floors should be referred to a Tarkett Sports representative for clarification.

Temperature, Humidity, and Ventilation
Hardwood maple flooring is a hygroscopic product that expands and contracts based on its retention and release of moisture. Until it reaches equilibrium with its surrounding environment, some dimensional variability should be expected. In order to prevent dramatic alterations to the shape and composition of the hardwood, ensure that an HVAC system is operational at all times. The HVAC system must maintain a temperature between 55-80 degrees with relative humidity between 35-55%. Should the humidity rise above 55%, it is imperative that immediate aeration take place. Proper air circulation can be achieved by opening interior doors and windows and by activation of the ventilation system. The introduction of warm, moist outdoor air should be prevented from entering the facility at all times, as the excessive humidity will cause the wood to expand. During the warmer summer season, frequent inspection of your hardwood floor is recommended. If the facility’s humidity levels should drop below 35%, humidification is recommended in order to prevent hardwood contraction. Excessive expansion and shrinkage issues resulting from environmental conditions are not the responsibility of Tarkett Sports, and are not covered under warranty.
Excessive Tightening
Issues related to tightening can be resolved by lowering the relative humidity levels of the facility and introducing a steady airflow. These measures will help reduce the moisture content of the wood. In the event of excessive tightening, we recommend that you contact a Tarkett Sports representative for further instruction.
Excessive Cracks
Cracking is caused by low humidity levels. It can be resolved by increasing the relative humidity of the facility. If cracking occurs, contact a Tarkett Sports representative for further instruction.
Water Damage
Water should be kept off of your hardwood floor at all times. In order to avoid the introduction of water generated from foot traffic, the installation of entrance and walkway mats are recommended. During periods of rain or inclement weather, doors and windows leading to the facility should remain closed at all times. Ceiling or piping leaks must be corrected immediately in order to prevent cupping and other forms of water damage. If cupping should occur, please contact a Tarkett Sports representative. Never sand a cupped floor. High pressure power machines or machine scrubbers which induce water should never be used on your hardwood floor. Tarkett Sports’ warranties exclude damage due to moisture.
Exposure to Moisture
Any signs of consistent moisture or abnormal dampness should be reported immediately to the facility director and building engineers. Exterior doors should come complete with a watertight threshold. All interior drains should be adequately insulated in order to prevent any unwanted moisture or leaks. Exterior drains should be directed away from the building.

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