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Omnisports Maintenance Guide

Omnisports’ TopClean xp™ polyurethane treatment reduces cleaning and maintenance by simplifying the process and even eliminating steps. There is no need for applying waxes or other surface treatments, just sweep, wash, and rinse.

General Guidelines

  • Resilient floors can be damaged by solvents, which should not be used in cleaning.
  • Wipe up any grease or stains immediately.
  • Black rubber wheels, feet, or mats can discolor flooring and should be avoided.
  • Chairs and stools should be fitted with plastic protective end caps.
  • Light colors may need more frequent cleaning.

Be sure to consult with your local cleaning supplier for cleaners and equipment. Tarkett Sports does not assume liability for damage caused by improper cleaning methods or the use of chemicals. Confer also with your Omnisports flooring provider for more information.

Auto-Scrubbing is more effective and efficient for large areas. Use a diluted neutral cleaner and rinse thoroughly to avoid heavy residue build up. Higher PH cleaners can be used periodically for heavily soiled areas. White pads should be used for regular maintenance, while red pads can be used for periodic deep cleaning.
Dry Mopping and Sweeping
Dry mopping or sweeping removes dust and dirt. Use yarn mops, micro-fiber mops, or soft bristled brooms, and avoid treated dust mops.
Entrance Mats
About 80% of surface soiling that requires cleaning is brought from outside, and 90% of that soiling can be avoided by an effective,correctly dimensioned entrance mat.
Spot Cleaning
Treat stains immediately. Handle spots using a white rag with mineral spirits or neutral detergent. Solvents should not be used. Work from the outside of the mark towards its center. Then, rinse with water and dry.
Wet Mopping
Wet mopping removes soil and other contaminants. Use a diluted neutral cleaner and rinse thoroughly to avoid heavy build up of residues.

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