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Omnisports Installation Methods

Omnisports is a versatile sports surface, but that versatility goes beyond the number of sports and events it can host. It also has a variety of installation methods that can apply to the particular circumstances of your facility and carries a 10-year warranty for moisture tolerance based on each installation recommendation. Before the first game can be played, your new Omnisports floor needs to be installed according to the conditions on-site to insure maximum performance and durability. Always consult a Tarkett Sports representative in choosing the right installation method for your project.


This method has raised the environmental and practical expectations of how resilient sports flooring is installed. By using 98% less glue than full adhesive installations, GreenLay™ creates less construction site waste, installs approximately 20% faster, allows easier subfloor access after installation, and facilitates recycling. It can be used over concrete moisture conditions of up to 92% relative humidity per ASTM F2170.


Adding this plywood and foam cushion substructure turns an Omnisports surface into the pinnacle of indoor sports floors, with Class 4 shock absorption and near perfect uniformity of performance. Lumaflex is a combination system that combines the benefits of point-elastic and area-elastic properties. It is also an excellent solution for gym renovations where there is an existing recessed concrete slab. Lumaflex can tolerate concrete moisture conditions of up to 85% relative humidity if a vapor retarder is used in installation.


This full-adhesive installation uses a two-part epoxy developed by Tarkett Sports that has unequaled bond strength. Multi-Poxy is solvent-free, CRI Green Label Plus Certified, odorless, and non-hazardous. It also allows earlier foot traffic than most other athletic flooring adhesives. Multi-Poxy can be used in situations where the concrete subfloor is at 98% relative humidity per ASTM F2170.


This acrylic adhesive can be used in situations where concrete moisture conditions are not necessarily an issue. Multi-Set can tolerate up to 83% relative humidity per ASTM F2170. It is solvent-free, non-hazardous, and non-staining. Multi-Set also complies with environmental standards such as CHPS 01350, SCAQMD Rule 1168, CRI GLP program, and contributes to the LEED requirements when used in conjunction with LEED products.

HS Sports Spray

This proprietary spray adhesive, developed by Tarkett, can be used with a variety of subfloor types. It has a high tack, dries quickly, and allows the floor to be heat-welded on the same day. HS Sports Spray is also solvent-free and has low VOC emissions, making it safe and easy to use for installers. It can be used on projects with up to 90% relative humidity per ASTM F2170.


Tarkolay is a FloorScore® Certified moisture barrier that can effectively remove concrete moisture conditions from consideration. It requires no moisture testing. Essentially, Tarkolay forms a barrier between the subfloor and the flooring, preventing any adverse reactions with adhesive. It is a key component for installations over expansion joints and other subfloor conditions as well. Only Multi-Poxy adhesive may be used with Tarkolay.

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