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To reach the pinnacle of sports performance, you need to elevate your game…literally. Lumaflex is a substructure of sturdy birch plywood and shock absorbing foam that raises the profile of a resilient sports floor to create a combination system. This increased height delivers additional comfort and safety, while still retaining the practical benefits of a resilient sports surface. On a Lumaflex floor, you can train, practice, and play for longer periods of time, with less fatigue, and more comfort.

1 – Resilient Point-Elastic Surface
Lumaflex can be used with a variety of Tarkett Sports’ gym flooring options, including Omnisports, EcoPure 3.2 mm, and PolyTurf Plus Pad and Pour. These surfaces provide individual responsiveness to athletes and offer easier maintenance.

2 – Uniform Structural Support
These 18 mm plywood planks provide stability and a uniform structure for resilient sports surfaces. They are made exclusively from birch, one of the most stable species of wood.

3 – Reliable Bonding and Assembly
Each plywood plank incorporates an interlocking tongue-and-groove edge that is glued using Tarkett’s specifically designed application nozzle. This allows fast and reliable installation.

4 – Lumaflex Shock-Absorbing Foam
This shock-absorbing cushion is available in either a 1/2” or 1-1/2” thickness depending on the profile needs of the project. In addition to providing high levels of shock absorption, it is also GREENGUARD certified as a low-emitting interior building material.

The Best of Both Worlds

Lumaflex is a combination system, the definitive sports floor for comfort, safety, and sports performance. It combines point-elastic surface properties with an area-elastic substructure. By engaging the athlete with these two types of elasticity, Lumaflex simultaneously responds in the immediate area of impact and across the wider surface area. This combined response generates remarkably high levels of shock absorption and natural stability underfoot. On a Lumaflex floor, you can train, practice, and play for longer periods of time with less fatigue and more comfort.

Upgrading a Hardwood Court With Lumaflex

The trick to a successful renovation project is turning challenges into opportunities. If you are replacing a hardwood sports floor, your challenge is a recessed concrete slab that is lower than the rest of your facility. You could replace it with another hardwood floor, but that would mean the same costly maintenance and upkeep. You could raise the profile with expensive self-leveling compound, but that wouldn’t provide sports performance or shock absorption. Luckily, there is a third option. Lumaflex can correct the profile difference with shock absorbing foam, giving you a top-tier system with the low maintenance and versatility of a resilient sports surface. With Lumaflex, this common renovation problem isn’t a problem at all. It’s potential.

Option A

Replace with Hardwoods

This option offers the high shock absorption of area-elastic flooring, but it perpetuates costly upkeep, provides less versatility, and has less uniformity.

Option B

Fill the Gap

This option adjusts the profile, but it adds no additional sports performance properties like shock absorption and can be very costly to install.

Option C

Upgrade to Lumaflex

Lumaflex corrects profile difference while adding class 4 shock absorption, plus the low maintenance and versatility of Tarkett’s resilient sports flooring.

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